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Whether you com o Iran for a business or as a cultural historical tourists, finding adequate meal compatible with your taste is challengeable. Iranian cooking style has much in common with Middle Eastern cooking where you can eat healthy and nutritious food, most of which consist bread, rice, lamb with cinnamon, saffron, basil and lemon.

We have different variety of desserts in Iran that are served beside main dishes, like different kinds of salads, such as Shiraz’s Salad, Pasta Salad ,etc.The traditional drink which is served with dishes is Doogh  ( a combination of yogurt and water with mint and salt). Also Fruit Juice are utilized a lot among people like pomegranate juice, orange juice, carrot juice which is commonly used with ice-cream, Shirmoz that is combination of banana and milk and watermelon juice which is called Ab-hendavaneh. Also we have some sweet desserts like ice-cream, Palude Shirazi, Shirini Berenji ( a type of rice cookie ).

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