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While planning your visit to Iran, you can have a great variety of sites in your visiting list. It’s an opportunity that a culturally rich country provides you. Such an incredible variety can be challenging to some extent and cause you a little confusion in planning your trip. So, in order not to miss anything, especially the prominent historical sites in Iran, I’m going to offer a checklist here that assures you of covering the 10 must-see tourist attractions in Iran for your visit.

If a Iran tour is on the cards, here’s a quick list of best Iran tourist attractions and mind it, it comes with a no-miss warning. Find out best places to visit and major tourist attractions in Iran with UK 2 Persia travel and tours. In this travel guide which is for tourist who want to visit Iran attractions and destinations from ancient cities like Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd, to natural setting we list most important amenities of the Iran.


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