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Iran Religious Tour - Code: 05

Pilgrimage Tour

Name of Tour: Religious Tour

Code: 05

This price is subject to booking six weeks in advance due to the typical duration for visa approval.

Religious places are among the most important places among Muslims. Iran has a lot of religious sites among them Imam Reza’s shrine, Shah-e-Cheragh’s Shrine, Shrine of Fatemah Masumeh, and Jamkaran are prominent. In this 10-day religious tour package, you can visit these places and also some of the Persia’s most glorious sites. The transportation includes domestic flight (Shiraz-Mashhad) and the best quality land vehicles.

Duration: 10 Days & 9 Nights

Route: Tehran-Qom-Shiraz-Mashhad

Day 1: Tehran

Upon your arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel. After a rest, you can visit Jewelry Museum to see Persian arts. After visiting the museum, Golestan Palace, the former royal Qajar complex and the oldest historic monuments in Tehran, will welcome you (Overnight: Tehran).

Day 2: Qom

In the morning and after breakfast, you can go to Qom. Afternoon tour in Qom will consist the visiting of Fatemah Masumeh’s Shrine, the sister of Imam Reza and the daughter of the seventh Imam Musa al-Kazim (Overnight: Qom).

Distance between Tehran and Qom: about 148 km

Day 3: Qom

In this day, you can visit Jamkaran Mosque, a popular site for Shia. The Muslims believe that the twelfth Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi, once appeared in this place and offered praying in this holy place. The mosque is really beautiful and its green and blue color is really eye catching (Overnight: Qom).

Day 4: Shiraz

In the morning, you will leave Qom for Shiraz, the cultural capital of Iran. The rest of the day is at leisure (Overnight: Shiraz).

Distance between Shiraz and Qom: about 759 km

Day 5: Shiraz

Early in the morning, you can visit two Persian ancient glorious sites. Persepolis, the glory of Persian empire and the ceremonial capital of Achaemenid empire founded by Darius (486-522 B.C.), and Necropolis or Naghsh-e-Rustam, belonging to both Achaemenid and Sassanid Periods. It has four large tombs cut into the cliffs. After visiting these sites, you will come back Shiraz (Overnight: Shiraz).

Night Program: Visiting Shah Cheragh (is a funerary monument and mosque in Shiraz, Iran, housing the tomb of the brothers Ahmad and Muhammad, sons of Mūsā al-Kādhim and brothers of ‘Alī ar-Ridhā.defenders of the Holy Prophet).

Day 6: Shiraz

After breakfast, you can visit one of the most elegant architectural site of Shiraz, Zaniyah Complex containing the Arg, Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bazaar. Shah-e-Cheragh’s Shrine, Imam Reza’s brother, is also a holy place you can visit. After eating lunch and a short rest, you can visit one of the most beautiful gardens in Shiraz, Ghavam’s house or Naranjestan Ghavam (built between 1879 and 1886), a building full of orange trees. Afterwards, you can visit Hafeziyeh, the tomb of the biggest Persian mystic and sonneteer born in 8th century (Overnight: Shiraz).

Day 7: Mashhad

In the morning, you will fly to Mashhad. After lunch, you can visit Imam Reza’s Shrine, the eighth Imam of Shiite. It is also the largest mosque by dimension. It is also a tourist center containing Goharshad mosque, museum, a library, a cemetery, a dining hall, prayer halls, four seminaries,
Razavi University, etc. (Overnight: Mashhad).

Day 8: Mashhad

In the morning and after breakfast, you will go to Torghabe, a summer resort and an outstanding place located between two beautiful valleys near Binalud Mountain Ranges. You will certainly enjoy its striking natural scenery. You can also find all kind of souvenirs including wooden baskets, carvings, handicrafts, carpets, etc. Chalidareh tour (including tele cabin, fishing, boat) can be interesting also (Overnight: Mashhad).

Day 9: Mashhad

After breakfast you can enjoy swimming at Water Waves Land, an indoor waterpark and the biggest one in Iran. Afterwards, you can visit Mashhad bazaars (Overnight: Mashhad).

Day 10: Mashhad 

This is the last day in which you will be transferred to the Mashhad International Airport to depart.


All inclusive, including visa fees, flight, accommodation, airport transfer, sightseeing tickets and food. Travel insurance is the passenger’s responsibility.
Children under 7 get 20% off.


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